How to Prep
Flawless Coverage

It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Prep, perfect, let dry
and voilà: radiant, flawless-looking skin anytime,
every time.



Before you apply…

Start with clean, dry & oil-free skin

Use products that are labeled as oil-free on the day of application
and while wearing Body Coverage Perfector

This includes:


Shaving creams

Bar soaps

Body washes

Razor strips

shade shade
  • Step 1:

    polish & prep

    Body Coverage Mitt

    Massage Exfoliating Body Prep Wash
    onto damp skin using circular motions

    Rinse thoroughly & pat dry

    Gently buff skin with the terry cloth
    side of the Body Coverage Mitt

  • Step 2:


    Body Coverage Mitt

    Liberally apply Body Coverage Perfector
    onto the area you’d like to perfect

    Blend until skin is completely covered
    with a sufficient layer of product,
    then allow 10 minutes
    for it to dry

    Add more layers for additional coverage, allowing 10 minutes for each to dry

    Wash hands with soap & water

  • Step 3:

    buff & dry

    Body Coverage Mitt

    Remove excess product by buffing the
    coverage area with the terry cloth side
    of the Body
    Coverage Mitt
    until the
    product no longer comes off on the mitt

    Allow 10 minutes to fully set before coming
    into contact with clothing or bed sheets

Watch, Learn
and Look Radiant

These videos will help you get the
coverage you need where you need it most.

Coverage Concerns

  • Sun Damage Sun Damage
  • Veins Veins
  • Tattoo" Tattoos

Sun Damage

Follow these steps to cover sun damage, rain or shine.

sun damage


Watch this video to confidently cover veins.



Tattoo? We’ve got you covered (and so does this video.)


Tips & Tricks

A little advice to make sure you get the
most out of your Body Coverage Perfector

Add a drop of Body Coverage Perfector to
your face
foundation or moisturizer for a
boost of color & radiance.

Use Body Coverage Perfector as a
spot concealer by applying to a specific area,
to dry, then applying a second layer
to the entire coverage area.

To remove Body Coverage Perfector,
simply use oil or an oil-based cleanser.